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SF-DUG August 2008

Chris Brying of Gravitek Labs gave a presentation about the Patterns module.  The Patterms module enables you to develop scripts in easy-to-read XML-style language to automate site configuration steps.  Any form that you can submit on a Drupal site can be scripted via Patterns.

Note:  The audio volume changes considerably during the screencast.  I was recording on an iPod, and had to move the iPod any time a person asked a question.  Also, the video abruptly ends – but towards the end of the Q&A session.


SF-DUG June 2008

This is a screencast of always entertaining and informative Matt Cheney’s demo of Swish-E Indexer, at the San Francisco Drupal User’s Group hosted in June at PariSoMa. Swish-E plug-ins allow users to search within the contents of certain pages; Swish-E itself provides smart rankings of these searches. More info in the demo.
This video was originally shared on by consultinggoat with a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license.

SF-DUG May 2008

San Francisco Drupal User’s Group.  Screencast of Neil Drumm’s presentation on Node Queue and Import Manager, for importing datasets over the web on a regular basis.