Special mobile session of the SF Drupal Users Group

This one is close to my heart – a special SF Drupal Users Group next Monday focusing on mobile integration with Drupal sites.

Please join us on Monday, Nov 10th at PariSoMa for a special mobile-focused San Francisco Drupal Users Group meeting.

Mark Burdett will give an overview of a project he is working on that integrates mobile functionality with a Drupal site:

  • Register by phone
  • Post by phone
  • SMS alerts (covering the basics)

Maurice Carron will then give us a showcase of another site he has worked on with similar and additional functionality:

  • Content delivery (incl MMS)
  • Compatible device source transcoding
  • Wap theming

As usual, beer and sodas for the first dozen or folks.

SFDUG – Mobile integration on Drupal sites

Monday, Nov 10
1436 Howard St, at 10th


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  1. 1 tom@mobiledrupal.com February 26, 2009 at 2:18 am


    I’ve recently started a blog, mobiledrupal.com, which all about making and testing mobile websites with Drupal. I’ve also added a section which summarises mobile modules available for Drupal, which I hope people will find helpul.

    Please have a look and get in touch with any comments!


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