Great wine podcasts – and great geek cheat sheet

In researching the basics of U.S. wine and terroir for Mapovino, I’ve come across a few good resources for interested beginners. And so, to share the wealth:

  • Napa Valley Wine Radio: Despite the elevator jazz and fireside-smooth feel of this podcast, it has some gems of fundamental information. I’ve been looking for a good guide to “Decision-making in the course of wine-making” (a useful tool to use on Mapovino to compare differences among wine-makers?), so I appreciated Episode 61 – Winemaking 101. Yes, it’s a beginner’s overview, but it does point out step by step what decisions a winemaker will make that can affect the outcome of the wine. And then, perhaps more relevant to Mapovino, Episode 63 – The Napa Valley AVA.
  • Twisted Oak Winery: I’ve never tried their wines, but their “cheat sheet” (pdf) is not only helpful to understand their wines, but to understand some of the “wine geek” numbers that get thrown around a lot by people fascinated by such things (residual sugar, brix, etc)
  • Grape Radio: Grape Radio has a ton of great content. Unfortunately, I’m not a fan of the trio’s banter (but then again I prefer the foul-language and insult-laden diatribes of LUG Radio, so who am I to say anything?). That doesn’t stop me from recommending them as a great resource – and if you’re at all interested in Pinot Noir, you should listen to their recording of this lengthy Pinot Noir seminar with Allen Meadows. Whether you know very little and are curious, or you are well-versed in Burgundy wines, this is an incredible font of knowledge and history.

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  1. 1 EDG September 15, 2008 at 8:08 am

    Check out Have Wine Will Travel Radio

    Have Wine Will Travel Radio is a half hour podcast series featuring wine makers, chefs, and resorts/lodging. Each show introduces you to wine makers from around the world, and chefs that will pair amazing cuisine with the featured wines. Caution, the host Doc Cummings is a scream and takes the pretense out of the barrel and fills up your glass with laugh-out-loud gut busting fun. Enjoy!

  2. 2 Jim Hudson September 15, 2008 at 8:57 am

    I checked out have wine will travel radio.quite frankly the show makes me hungry…!!I want a show to feed fred…!I down load the different shows and listen on the treadmill and running.I recently had to stop running,and laugh as this guy is very funny!Its cool because I have learned quite a bit about the different wines and the foods that go with them.I have purchased a few wines from Washington state that were featured and then went back and purchased a few cases.The reds are very favorite is from Steele Wines/california.Check them out!100 year old zins(vines).I subscibe to the show now. and now its time for dinner…pork roast and a Steele mendocino Zin…ot two!

  3. 3 William Grey October 26, 2008 at 11:25 am

    After reading a couple reviews about have wine will travel,the radio series.I was in the ITunes store and checked out the podcasts mainly because I listen to music while I run and workout.I discovered that havewinewilltravelradio is on Itunes,and so I subscibed to have wine will travel radio.To make a long story short, I made a couple cd’s of this show.It’s a wine and food show which has really cool music in the background.I also have started to buy a few wines that I learned about.Walla Walla Vintners red are out of this world,and another one I had never heard of was Cass Wines from California central coast.these wines are some of the best I have ever had.I’m by far not an expert but I have to admit I would have never tried these wines if I hadn’t stumbled on this radio podcast.The real up side is the subsciption on I tunes is free to this show,and they send me the new shows.I sent the host an email to but he hasn’t got back to me.I asked him how I can get his job.

  4. 4 Sally Rider October 26, 2008 at 11:39 am

    I subscibed to the have wine will travel radio,and have a question.I think that is really nice music in the back ground on the show.I tried to find out about the music and its the same guy that does the show that plays the do I get the music? That guy sounds like Elvis drinking wine while we listen to the band.I think they should change the theme to feed Elvis.Is that host guy hot?I’m going to try that I’ll get back to you.oh one more question,I want some of that Kiona sweet ice wine,and can’t find it local.

  5. 5 Roland October 28, 2008 at 2:04 pm

    If you are interested in learning about the best wine producers in South Africa,welcome to South African Wine Report,
    entertaining interviews with the wine producers.

  6. 6 Robin Anderson November 21, 2008 at 8:48 am

    after reading some of the comments above I checked out have wine will travel and the podcast is preety cool,on itunes.I had a hard time finding it cause it’s under have wine will travel radio.I think it would be helpful if the website had more information,but aside from that I find myself laughing and listening to some of the shows.I must admit I would like to have his job for one week a year,eating and drinking wine.then 51 weeks to recover.I get new shows delivered by email because I signed up on Itunes.the price was right,free!

  7. 7 James Davis February 26, 2010 at 3:32 pm

    I love wine,and I’m always searching for ways to upgrade myself with new knowledge and different new recently changed to just the blog which I discovered on ITunes,and was directed to this website.I want this guy buying wine for me.I have tried some suggestions,1. Zinfandels from Paso Robles.I tried 5 or 6 different wines from 4vines.some were 30 plus dollars,but were some of the greatest wines I have ever had.And to be honest I have never had wines from there.I love them!also Opolo mountain Reserve zinfandel.great!I had also never had wines from Washington until I tried Kiona wines.5 points for this vino guy.I would have never imagined that these wines were this good.Also Walla Walla Vintners,wow!great merlots!I hear this guy is the wine dude for George Lopez,if not how can I get in touch with him,I’ll hire him!!??

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