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MobileTech for Social Change

This looks to be an exciting barcamp – Mobile Tech for Social Change.  I’m going, partly out of general interest (I’ve been fascinated by mobile technology for a while, particularly what the rest of the world is accomplishing ahead of the U.S.).  I’m also going because I want to support the Openmoko movement.

I’ll put aside my raised eyebrows at  $25 barcamp (it goes to food, apparently) – but the fact that there is no link to the wiki from the registration page is a little clunky.  Get the real deal at the wiki.


Every Human Has Rights

Every Human Has Rights Media AwardsWe (AF83) are supporting Internews launch an international support campaign for the journalists who risk their lives every day to bring you news about the current state of human rights around the world.  A people’s choice award (voting starts Nov 1st) will be given along with other media awards.

Given we are supporting this campaign in a Web2.0 world, you can follow the progress of this campaign via our Twitter feed, through MySpace, and even on FaceBook and Care2.  You can add a banner to your site.

Please join us in supporting human rights, and supporting the journalists who are on the ground every day, bringing us the news of the current state of human rights.

(Having cut my tech teeth in the nonprofit world for a decade, it’s good to be back in the realm of supporting social causes….)

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Drupal’N’Go – Case Study


Last weekend, my company’s Paris office helped run “Drupal’N’Go”, a BarCamp/WineCamp style Drupal barn-raising.  The idea was to select a worthy nonprofit organization, and build an entire webiste for them.

How did it turn out?  DrupalFrance community member jlndrr posted this feedback (in English, French version here).

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Ah, makes me proud. The French Drupal community (of which my current employer AF83 is a core supporter) is taking the WineCamp style models, and going to host a DrupalCamp with the specific goal to barn-raise a Drupal website for one lucky French NGO. It’s called, in a smart blend of pun and brand, Drupal’N’Go.

(There is discussion whether this is specific to NGOs, or French non-profits in general. Regardless of specific designation, I think the idea is to pick an organization that supports a broader social good instead of a local sports org, which could also be a nonprofit).

A few of the breadcrumbs that led here:

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Drupal 6 release party @ PariSoMa – tomorrow night!

Get all the details.  Nuff said.

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Open source CMS – for arts orgs!

I’m behind the curve on this one – as usual.  The Center for Arts Management and Technology – who run an excellent arts and technology conference – have recently (well, recently to me, at least) launched a free, hosted open-source CMS service for arts organizations, based on your choice of DotNetNuke or Drupal.  (At first glance, it looks like an arts version of CivicSpace OnDemand.  )

My immediate thoughts:

  1. Bravo!
  2. Good luck!

Hosting templatable CMS websites is a great idea – and can work – as long as the users accept the limitations of the design and the system.  But it does not take long for any organization to want to grow out of a template website design, and to hear about all the amazing cool awesome things that open-source CMS’s like Drupal can do, and we want that too!  (Just ask the folks at CSoD….)

Nonetheless, this is a great step forward for arts orgs, and CAMT. I mean, part of me wants the job of managing that system.  (Yes, the masochistic but altruistic part of me.  :-))

A tip of the hat to prodigious and prolific nonprofit tech blogger Beth Kanter for this.  Her blog may not have been the source, but she deserves a tip of the hat anyway.  😉

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WineCamp reportback I: First things first – break the network

As I mentioned previously, we started with small conversation about creating a European-specific nonprofit-and-technology portal which could combine a networking community (of geeks and nptechies and regular nonprofit folks), mapping of people and projects, tag clouds, and resources pages (potentially even stuff pulled in from TechSoup and translated into other languages).

So the first order of business was to build a WineCamp organizing and documenting platform – and because of the people in the room (including Hagen and myself) – we of course built a Drupal site.

We had lunch, and Phillippe and Sylvie showed up.  Then after lunch, Roel, Ed and Matthew showed up .  That’s 11 people for WineCampFrance – for me, we broke double digits, and it’s a great success!  And since Roel is also a Drupal developer – and the other two were working on a Drupal site – WineCamp has (predictably?) turned into a DrupalCamp.

A couple of folks we having problems accessing the network (using Ubuntu), so we reset the Apple Airport.  Then realized we didn’t have the original documentation, so had all sorts of problems actually configuring it. After an hour, we got the network back up, and we all celebrated the fact that we had gotten nowhere….  (At this moment, they still cannot get online).

After the celebration, we went for a hike, and talked a bit about alternative economies (a project discussed by one of the group).

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