Terroir from Santa Cruz to Australia

I wouldn’t say I’ve spread the gospel (?) of terroir to friends in the wine and tech business, but I’ve certainly talked about it a lot in reference to our Mapovino project.  And as in all things where you take the time to sow the seeds, enough interest is returing for a perfect Fall harvest.  (Ouch, what a metaphor).

A while back, independent wine salesman Alex Pryor (now over at Starlite Vineyards) pointed me to this article about the search for an Australian sense of terroir. What I liked about the article was that these folks tried to taste the difference between wines mades within the same appelation (Barossa), but coming from different sub-regions that could potentially reflect different influences on the wine.

More recently, my friend in wine and Drupal, Kurt Hurtado (at Bottlenotes) passed this on to me – the original Rhone Ranger’s thoughts on terroir.

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