My new gig: Mapovino, AF83 and FaberNovel

I still don’t quite believe it. My job is now wine. Well, not quite, but close enough for me to be very excited.

After several months of discussion, negotiation, and yes, some wine, I’ve been hired by AF83, a French-American firm that develops social networking sites, incorporating open-standards technologies like microformats, and using open-source applications like, yes – Drupal. (Since this work is part-time, I am continuing my other role as a technology director at a school.) A big tip of the hat and gracious bow goes to my French homonym, Grégoire, who originally proposed the wine project we are now both working on, and who introduced me to AF83.

So now I am the U.S. contact for Mapovino (no actual site yet) – a website that locates on a map local and regional producers of wine and other place-focused food products. We are developing the first beta now, and it will eventually allow users not only to find but to add comments and experiences about these growers and products. More on that in the coming weeks.

A bit about my new employers: I am also one of two (so far) U.S. employees representing AF83 for new projects. The agency has a track record of developing social networking and complex user-based sites quickly, on open standards including microformats and open-source software like – yes, Drupal. (And like many web shops that have too much work, their own site is in need of an update – and an English translation – so I’m not linking to it yet.) Do you need open-source web development from a a proven company with open-source expertise, bilingual website development experience and contacts in the European market? Drop me a line.

faberNovel, one of the partner organizations supporting AF83, is also setting up shop in San Francisco. faberNovel specializes in innovative strategy development and solutions implementation. Yeah, well, that’s my paraphrasing of the marketing speak. They also have an interesting track record of projects that are above and beyond web development: a BlueTooth application to assist blind people navigate subways; mobile-accessible transportation schedules for complex multi-agency transport hubs (think Paris – or the Bay Area?); a coupon and ticketing system for mobile phones; and an automated bicycle rental system.

Finally, the AF83 and faberNovel offices will be offering coworking spaces in the near future. PariSoma is the name of the office space, and that’s where you can get more info about the office and the two French companies.

I’ll be talking much more about Mapovino in the coming weeks – right here. So keep yer eyes peeled. If you want in on the gossip – the gossip that I don’t publish on this site – then pop me an email. 🙂

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