Taking the pain out of Windows – w/ a Mac and VMWare

I needed to install some PC accounting software at our office, which only has Macs right now.  Althoguh I was originally going to use Bootstrap, Mac’s built-in software that allows you to switch OS on startup, I opted for VMWare Fusion for the Mac ($80 for a single license, vs. free for Bootstrap).  One of the main advantages of VMWare Fusion is it’s ability to drag-and-drop from your Mac desktop into your Windows window – smooth like ghee, man.

In addition, VMWare had a Windows Easy Install option – you provide the license and Windows install CD, and it runs the whole thing for you in one fell swoop.  The whole process, including buying VMWare online, took about an hour (a lot of that was the Windows install) but it went smoothly from beginning to end, no glitches.  And..  when I’m done with the Windows window, I put it in “Suspend” – and can come back to it as fast as a PC coming out of sleep mode.  Meaning I don’t have to wait for Windows to boot up every time I want to use it.

All said and done – yeah, Windows still sucks, but it’s less painful when running on something as sweet as VMWare Fusion.


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  1. 1 John D October 14, 2008 at 3:14 am

    Yea I’ll agree windows can be a pain sometimes, but it does grows on you. That VMWare fusion sounds nice, especially being able to drag and drop from your Mac desktop into Windows. Might look into it. Thanks. John

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