Drupal User’s Guide – an update

I get a ton of hits on this site, just because I use the keyword Drupal.  (“Drupal.  Drupal!  Drupaldrupaldrupal!”)  One of the most consistently hit blog entries is my (old) Drupal User’s Guide, for Drupal 4.7.  Of course, I had grand ideas of updating it, and today I even began looking at the powerpoint I had developed to begin that process.

And I buckled.  There’s just so much more basic setup info in Drupal 5.  (And we’re already moving on to on Drupal 6!)

But here’s the good news – there’s a Drupal 5 Cookbook (for beginners) on the Drupal website.  It’s much more recent than my user’s guide.  And as sad as I will be to say goodbye to all the hits I got off my User’s Guide post, maybe I’ll make up for them with this post….

(“Yeah, good luck with that….”)

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