Chez Brunet in Lyon

On this last trip to France, Amanda and I went to Lyon for the first time.  Well, went “through” Lyon – it was a somewhat hectic “drive-by.”  We arrived at 8pm, having driven across the country from Normandy; then we left the next day, after arguing with the bank for 2 hours.  Nonetheless, the highlight was visiting a classic bouchon lyonnais – Chez Brunet.

I originally wrote up my notes about the experience as I nursed a (champagne) hangover the next morning in our hotel room.  It was very Henry Miller – a beautiful lady asleep on the bed, my cup of coffee I brought up to my room prepared by the desk person, tapping away at a keyboard in the half-light because I didn’t want to wake Amanda.  And as even Henry Miller will admit, that first draft needed some work; said beautiful lady reworked it and now it lives on the Craigie Street Bistro blog – as it should, since Chez Brunet was Chef Tony Maws’ recommendation in the first place.

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