French car rental follow-up

My brother sent me an email comparing Orbitz’ car rental prices with what I could get with UCar.  Orbitz was cheaper, but I was curious so I did some more sleuthing.  This is what I wrote to my bro:

It might be the way to go (and save $70-$100 odd dollars) if I wanted to use my Mastercard for insurance, but ultimately, I prefer Ucar.  If you check out the small pricing links, you’ll find this one which explains that CDW and PAI are not included; and it looks like you can only use Mastercard Gold or Platinum (i.e. not Visa) to decline the coverage.  You also a) can’t talk to a human, b) specify an automatic.

To reiterate, my experience is that UCar includes all insurance costs in its price quotes.  When you return and pay, you get an immediate bill, and it’s what they said it would be when you walked in the first day (unless, of course, you’ve driven more than their allotted mileage, which is generous).  For a sample of the pricing chart that they display in every UCar store – that includes your liability – you can download their terms and conditions PDF (the link is “Conditions générales de vente” at the bottom of their home page).

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