Domaine Sorin – in Bandol, and at Whole Foods

Domaine Sorin - Cotes de Provence and BandolWhen I was in France in June, I spent a day touring Bandol, the famous rosé / red wine region of coastal Provence. The first place I stopped in was a place called Domaine Sorin, and I immediately recognized the bottles. I asked the winemaker if he sold his wine in the U.S., and he said yes, a full 40% of his wine was exported to the U.S., mostly NY and CA (it is now up to 50%, according to his very fancy website). The photo shows “Terra Amata” Cotes de Provence AOC on the left, and Bandol AOC on the right – click to see a larger image.

We tried three Sorin rosés (only two now show up on his site) – he noted that all his rosés are made from exactly the same grapes and the same plots of land. And they were all that lovely faded pink colour. The difference in appellations only comes from the actual blend quantities of different grapes. For example, the Terra Amata (his Cotes de Provence AOC) is made of: Grenache 40%, Cinsault 40%, Syrah 10%, Mourvèdre 10%; whereas his Bandol AOC is Mourvèdre 60%, Grenache 30%, Cinsault 10%. Both were fantastic wines, but the Bandol was that much smoother. I don’t know if you’ve ever had a rosé that does not give you that slight bitter bite at the back of your jaw – they are harder to find in the every-day-drinking price range – but his Bandol at 12 Euros was fantastically smooth and affordable. Oh, and unavailable in the US, as far as I can tell (but if so, tell me where!)

So it was with great pleasure I walked into my local Whole Foods the other day and discovered a large display of his Terra Amata Cotes de Provence rosé, replete with a little photo and bio. I thought it was a shame that I didn’t have a photo myself of Sorin and his wines – but then I looked through my collection and discovered I did have a photo – of his vineyard.

Domaine Sorin à Bandol

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  1. 1 Molly July 5, 2008 at 9:18 am

    i have a bottle of the Bandol that i’m planning on bringing to a dinner party this evening, so i’m surfing for info and food pairing. i’ve never tried it before. thanks for posting some info 🙂

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