Open source CMS – for arts orgs!

I’m behind the curve on this one – as usual.  The Center for Arts Management and Technology – who run an excellent arts and technology conference – have recently (well, recently to me, at least) launched a free, hosted open-source CMS service for arts organizations, based on your choice of DotNetNuke or Drupal.  (At first glance, it looks like an arts version of CivicSpace OnDemand.  )

My immediate thoughts:

  1. Bravo!
  2. Good luck!

Hosting templatable CMS websites is a great idea – and can work – as long as the users accept the limitations of the design and the system.  But it does not take long for any organization to want to grow out of a template website design, and to hear about all the amazing cool awesome things that open-source CMS’s like Drupal can do, and we want that too!  (Just ask the folks at CSoD….)

Nonetheless, this is a great step forward for arts orgs, and CAMT. I mean, part of me wants the job of managing that system.  (Yes, the masochistic but altruistic part of me.  :-))

A tip of the hat to prodigious and prolific nonprofit tech blogger Beth Kanter for this.  Her blog may not have been the source, but she deserves a tip of the hat anyway.  😉

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  1. 1 Beth Kanter August 17, 2007 at 11:15 pm

    hmm I dont’ think I was the source — but I linked back here on the summary. Too much data flowing through the brains. Tx for hat tip

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