Because I spend most of my time between email, blog posts and just basic note-taking, I do a lot of work in TextEdit, on the Mac.  I’ll go a week or two without opening Word (except to read something someone else sent me).

The trouble is, going back and forth between emails, text docs, and blog posts wreaks havoc on basic things like line breaks, tabs, etc.  Not to mention the annoying forwarding marks in emails (like the old-school “>” characters before each line).

Several years ago, I looked for a tool to help me deal with this, and found textSOAP.  In the intervening years I moved to a PC (there wasn’t PC version at the time), and only recently came back to the fold.

I guess the main reason I’m writing this was that I purchased a copy to help me with a long email draft I needed to re-edit. I was able to purchase the software, download it and use it right away.  But I ran into a weird licensing error – I had bought a deluxe license, but the software wasn’t reflecting that.  I wrote a rather irritated note to tech support, expecting that I had misread the checkout fine print or something – and got an email back within an hour with several suggestions on how to fix the problem, from the developer himself (the very first suggestion worked).  I guess this  is one for GoodExperience.

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