More Drupal fixes: Node profile, TinyMCE themes, LDAP blank page fix, and funky node permissions

Significant Node Profile update: [2008 Update – the links below don’t work, try this.] Node profile is a module (a series, in fact) that allows you to manage users as nodes – as opposed to the separate node type they currently are. If you’ve ever wanted to add a taxonomy to user profiles, you’ve encountered the problem that node profile tries to address. I tried node profile in Jan, and got just so far before quitting. The reason? If you’ve played with earlier versions of node profile, you know that it puts the basic account info (account name, email, password) in one area, and all the rest of your profile info in another – and there was no graceful way of presenting a user with tabs to edit either part without hacking out some code – and I am code averse. 😉 That is, until they released an updated tutorial – the key is to download the zip file attached to the page, which includes the tutorial and the node profile bonus pack. Oh- and then follow the instructions. Note: We used the version of the tutorial I linked previously – they have yet another newer version. (Big up to Michelle, who did the bulk of this work while pregnant; thanks to Roel for prompting me to look at this again).

TinyMCE theme buggery: If your TinyMCE looks all funny, and you are trying to figure out why, it’s likely because you’ve chosen to use the site theme as opposed to the TinyMCE theme. I’ve had little luck using a site theme that will reliably show me what my content will look like in the TinyMCE edit window. I know the same is true for the basic TinyMCE theme – but at least that’s consistent, and I know what will change when I publish…. The little setting you are looking for is in the TinyMCE settings page, under CSS at the very bottom.

LDAP Blank page error: I had installed the LDAP module on an in-house server for one of my projects (a windows server with Apache2Triad installed). We kept getting a blank page every time we tried to log in using an LDAP account – and we double-checked all our settings. Turns out, we had to enable the LDAP extension in the PHP.ini file – which we were able to do through the Apache2Triad interface. I don’t remember the exact line or setting – but it was obvious to me, and I’ve never looked at a PHP.ini file before….

Node edit lockout / filters permissions: On another project, the site maintainer kept telling me they could not edit a story node that I knew they had permission to edit. They could edit other story nodes, but not a few particular ones. It turns out that I – as the admin – had changed the input filter on the particular node (to get around re-editing some image html). However, the site maintainer did not have input filter permissions – and once I changed the input filter it locked the entire node so she could no longer edit it.

Orphaned “You can’t post comments” text:
I was noticing this bit of text at the bottom of some posts, when I knew that comments had been turned off for the entire site. It took a while to figure out that these were nodes that had been added before I turned off comments, and so the individual node still had comment permissions turned on. More feedback on this here (see comment #5).

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4 Responses to “More Drupal fixes: Node profile, TinyMCE themes, LDAP blank page fix, and funky node permissions”

  1. 1 Michele July 31, 2007 at 6:12 pm


    I was wondering if you’re having any trouble using nodeprofiles with LDAP? I’m trying to decide which path to go down profile wise, but I don’t want to screw up our LDAP stuff. Any thoughts or advice you have would be appreciated.


  2. 2 smokinggoat July 31, 2007 at 6:29 pm

    Well, the nodeprofile project and the LDAP work were on two separate instances of Drupal – so I don’t know how they play together. The way it seems to work on LDAP is that when a user signs in with an LDAP account, the LDAP module then triggers new account generation within Drupal. And in nodeprofile, a new account triggers a new nodeprofile / usernode. So I’m *assuming* it all trickles downhill – but don’t quote me on that.

    What I would try is a) get LDAP working, b) turn LDAP off, c) get nodeprofile working with new (non-LDAP) accounts, d) turn on LDAP and see what happens. The reverse order might mung things up if you turn off nodeprofile stuff while configuring new account-generation settings in LDAP…..

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