The subtlety of the nose

Here we are at WineCamp, mostly focused on technology but still – we’re in France, and Grégoire has a bunch of experience with winegrowers in the Burgundy wine country, so naturally we’re drinking wine.

Late afternoon, popping open a bottle of provençal rosé.  I taste it, and at the very, very, very back of my mind I think “Hm, you can smell the cork.” I’ll state this right now – it was not a thought that caused any consternation – it was the clean smell of a cork that you’ve just pulled from a bottle.

Less than a minute later, Sylvie says, “Hmm, smells of cork.”  Everyone chimes in – yup, you’re right. The bottle, en effet, is corked.

Holy cow.  A corked bottle is that subtle?  I would have at least finished my glass – I mean, to be totally honest, I’ve definitely drunk large quantities of worse wines.  But there was no doing that – everyone immediately dumped their wine, and so went the whole bottle.

Admittedly, the next rosé was smoother and less acidic (astringent?).  But the first bottle did not hit me as so foul, so immediately off.  I was mostly taken aback by the subtlety of the nose, of determining it was “off.”

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