WineCamp reportback I: First things first – break the network

As I mentioned previously, we started with small conversation about creating a European-specific nonprofit-and-technology portal which could combine a networking community (of geeks and nptechies and regular nonprofit folks), mapping of people and projects, tag clouds, and resources pages (potentially even stuff pulled in from TechSoup and translated into other languages).

So the first order of business was to build a WineCamp organizing and documenting platform – and because of the people in the room (including Hagen and myself) – we of course built a Drupal site.

We had lunch, and Phillippe and Sylvie showed up.  Then after lunch, Roel, Ed and Matthew showed up .  That’s 11 people for WineCampFrance – for me, we broke double digits, and it’s a great success!  And since Roel is also a Drupal developer – and the other two were working on a Drupal site – WineCamp has (predictably?) turned into a DrupalCamp.

A couple of folks we having problems accessing the network (using Ubuntu), so we reset the Apple Airport.  Then realized we didn’t have the original documentation, so had all sorts of problems actually configuring it. After an hour, we got the network back up, and we all celebrated the fact that we had gotten nowhere….  (At this moment, they still cannot get online).

After the celebration, we went for a hike, and talked a bit about alternative economies (a project discussed by one of the group).

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