The secret of sandwiches

I’ve discovered the secret to making sandwiches.  (And I don’t mean I’ve discovered sliced bread.)  I mean, the secret to making sandwiches of various sorts work.  And that secret is mustard.  Well, it can be one of several liquid condiments, but I’m not a big an of mayo, and I haven’t tried others as extensively as mustard.

Again, what I mean is this:  I can scrounge through my fridge, find any sort of bread (baguette, sour, rye, crappy white, whatever), find something to put in between the slices, and it’ll work for me as long as I have mustard.  For example – I got nothing but cheese.  No problem.  Cheese, mustard, bread.  Let’s get crazier – I got tofu and cooked beets.  No problem – beets, tofu, mustard and bread.  That would simply not work without mustard, in my opinion.  I got a piece of quiche that’s not enough for a full lunch?  Leftover shredded-carrot-greens-apple salad and some hard parmesan?

As I said, other liquids will work.  I guess for me, the main isue is that my sandwich isn’t dry.  I’ve used leftover salad dressing, pasta sauce – even salsa, thrown in with whatever veggies and cheese I’ve got lying around.

Have mustard, will sandwich.

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2 Responses to “The secret of sandwiches”

  1. 1 OldCook April 17, 2008 at 8:44 am

    Mustard vs. mayo? Why not both? They are perfect together!

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