Cal Shakes and the under 35 Web set

I haven’t blogged about arts and technology for a while, but I just stumbled on this and thought it should get a nod – CalShakes new Ambassadors program, another strategy for appealing to the under 35 set (in addition to cheap ticket for people under 30).

A lot of it has nothing to do with technology; and personally, I don’t know they’l get out of having a MySpace page – except people get to boost their “friends” numbers by adding local theatre orgs as friends? (Then again, what do I know?)

But checking out the CalShakes Ambassador Flickr pool definitely makes me want to sign up. But I’m already 35, and most people I would be bringing are not in that “sweet spot” of 20-35 year olds…. As the the aging joke goes: time marches on… my face. Oy….

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