Fooding closer to the source

My wife often says that come the day when gas is $5,000 a gallon, those who can support themselves (and grow their own food) will be in high demand.  My wife counts in this number, and it’s with this in mind that I appreciate our moves away from the “convenience” foods and products – though, in a twist of language, what’s more convenient than having food right in your own garden?

We are Amanda is growing a lot of our food.  Last year’s bumper crop of basil and tomatoes is one example; right now we are elbow deep in arugula and other assorted lettuces, onion, fava and garlic.  (It also helps that our landlord and landscape designer has planted 15+ fruit trees around the property.)  Having friends who make beer, and wine, is also a good thing in this arena.

I also appreciate a lot of the other things we do “from scratch” – not only making bread (and pizza) but also curing our own olives (raw olives show up on the local farmer’s markets from Nov to Feb).  I’ve even made dog biscuits, though not regularly.

Even our coffee consumption has moved down the convenience scale, though perhaps up the luxury scale.  We now have an espresso maker, and have completely removed our old drip coffee maker.  This has resulted in two things:  1) We go through much less coffee, even though every cup is now an espresso shot.  2)  The act of drinking a cup of coffee now must involve the entire ritual of making a shot of espresso.  This has made every cup a bit more of a ritual.  Which is perfectly fine by us.

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