More Drupal quirks: TinyMCE folder permissions; multiple-select profile patch

(All these solutions are for Drupal 5.1)

TinyMCE folder permissions problem:  This is not a problem with roles or user permissions – although the symptoms are similar. The giveaway fro my problem was the following:

  • In the TinyMCE settings page, the button icons had disappeared.  I had all of the TinyMCE configuration settings available, but the little icons for the editing / formatting buttons would not display.
  • In any text editing window that was supposed to display a TinyMCE editor pane, I would see “disable rich text editor” – but there *was* no rich text editor.

I finally tracked the problem down to a server folder permissions error.  Since this happened to me twice (and damn if I could remember how I fixed it the first time), I can only guess it’s a problem either with my ISP, or with the TinyMCE application. And I mean the Moxiecode app, not the Drupal module.

In my TinyMCE folder, the second nested TinyMCE folder (the one I downloaded from Moxiecode) had permissions set to 664 or something – in effect, the Drupal app could not access it.  All the nested folders beneath that one had 777 permissions (i.e. full access for everyone).  I changed the nested tinymce/tinymce folder to 777 as well, and it worked.

Multiple select patch for the profile module:  I’m using the profile module for users to select what languages they speak.  (I won’t get into the discussion of whether that list should be in native language, English, or both, etc….).  In any case, I want the users to be able to select more than one option – from a pre-determined list….  The one option that is not available out of the box on the profile module.

Again, took me yonks to find this – then I forgot where I found it when I needed it again (and had deleted my original install).  So here it is for eternity (well, on my links too) – multiple-select patch for profile module.

(And a primer on patching in Drupal).

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