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For a while I’ve been looking around for simple online translation tools – for websites and blogs.  I’m a fan of computer translation – as a first step.  I use Google Translate and Babelfish all the time when I translate into French, because even though I’m a fleunt speaker, my writing needs help.  With the machine translation, I can quickly get 60-70% there, then clean up the rest.  (See my initial thoughts last year on using machine translation as a first step to blogging in another language).

Free, human-based translation “services” are still hard to come by.  There was the now defunct (that I pointed to in the link above) – and now new on the horizon came this pointer from bilingual German-English TimWorld Lexicon Project.  I’m still not sure how it is supposed to work – I think there’s a bit of a disconnect between the idea of how it should work, and how smoothly it actually works – but it looks intriguing.  I think WLP faces the same challenge as any of these other systems – to put it in the words of a skeptic of NativeText, “Do you really think that people will translate other blogs or podcasts for free?”  I know I would want to, but will I?

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  1. 1 worldwidelex May 1, 2007 at 5:15 pm


    The Worldwide Lexicon project is starting with free translation, but the real goal is to develop a complete set of translation management tools for websites that allow them to use both volunteer and paid translators.

    In a couple of weeks, we’ll be releasing a Javascript widget that makes it easier for users to view and edit translations, and after that, tools that make it easy to hook into translation service bureaus via RSS.

    By making it easy for people to participate in the network, we’ll encourage more people to volunteer, and will also make it easy for bilingual people to do freelance work when they have time.

    Thanks for posting about this. Watch our site for more news in May.

    Brian McConnell
    Worldwide Lexicon Project leader

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