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Open Academic, er, FunnyMonkey just released their open-source eportfolio “package” (built on, what else? Drupal) called DrupalEd. I’ve been working with Bill at FunnyMonkey for several months now, because my school is investigating eportfolios as a tool for students to take ownership of their own learning.

Our school already has a paper-based portfolio process in place for grades 3-5: students do their work as usual, then twice a year, they get out all their (reviewed and graded) homework, and have to select a “portfolio” – not just their best work, but work that shows improvement, work that needs improvement, and yes, best work too. And hte students describe what they did, and why they chose this piece. Since this is a progressive school (“progressive” here used in the educational context), the students also write a brief commentary on emotional and social growth over that time period as well.

The school’s new head, Brian Thomas, has been working on the idea of ongoing student self-evaluation for a few years now, and came to me as the new Tech Director to see if we could find a tool to support this process. I figured there had to be an open-source tool out there, but many of the existing ones are focused at higher-ed (and / or are proprietary)- and I guessed that the Moodle/ Drupal folks migh have something going that was more flexible and could meet our more modest needs. Lo, I found Bill and OpenAcademic (and FunnyMonkey).

Currently we (the school) are trying to get donors to support the development of this tool. Not only is the tool built on open-srouce technlogy (so any functionality we have built then gets shard out to the rest of the world), but PHS is committed to sharing and freely publishing what may be the more important part of this – the process and pedagogy. Because it’s actually about improving education and learning, not about how cool the tool is – even the FunnyMonkeys agree.

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