Online banking so-called security?

I just purchased something online, and the purchase was interupted by my Visa card company in order for me to secure my Visa identity and purchases.  When I entered my password, it replied snarkily that it did not “meet” the standards the bank applied to passwords….  Because my password included a symbol!  I’ve noticed this across the board with bank and credit card online login / password systems – they almost categorically do not allow symbols!  (Uh, which make passwords stronger?….)

The main “banking” exception I’ve found is PayPal – being an online company, they clearly figured out that online users wanted the security of adding symbols to their pwds.

(and once everyone starts entering the “security code” that appears on the back of credit cards into online purchase forms, those too will no longer be secure as we suffer the vagaries of poor data deletion and management by online firms……)

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