WineCampFrance – a multilingual challenge

I’ve just finished trying to organize the WineCamp France wiki into pages that will reduce the need to maintain changes in several languages across several pages. It’s makng me think of not only the i18n sessions at OSCMS, but also my own work on a US-focused volunteer site that aims to hook up theatre contacts from around the world. I mean, forget translating content – if someone speaks French, shouldn’t the pull down list show “Français” instead of “French”? (And what flag should be used? For France, colonialism dictates, I guess – but then again, what would the Swiss say? And for Portuguese, the official dictionary is now the Brazilian one…)

Stephanie Booth, Swiss multi-lingual bloggeuse* extraordinaire (and very first tipper of the WineCampFrancophone hat) has some deep thoughts on multi-lingual blogging, as well as pointers to some great little hacks / tools.

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