I love legumes

We’re often at a place where there’s nothing left in the pantry but a cup or two of dried lentils or black beans.   And then all it takes is water, some salt, and whatever you’ve got left in the fridge (the number of things we’ve tried in lentils is quite staggering).

We’re discovering what people all over the world have known – and mostly poor folks.  Think about it- just about every culture around the world has discovered that beans/lentils taste good even just boiled – and they can feed a lot of people.  (I’m basically just referring to beans and lentils.  Hey I love peanuts too, but I’m not going to make a stew out of it.  And no, actually, I don’t like alfalfa….).

Even though stews and soups and roots and greens are all staples of “poor” food (and, fwiw, our food at our house), there’s a special place in the cultural lexicon for the bean (and lentil?).  There’s a Brazilian song refrain “Add water to the beans to feed one more” – a similar sentiment that’s found in U.S. southern songs about pork and beans, black eyed peas and even gumbo.  I’m sure there’s even a line in some Bollywood film about needing to add water (and ghee?) to the lentils because there are more people at the door.

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  1. 1 marilynwillows January 22, 2008 at 4:28 am

    legumes are amazing, fill u up propa, better than any other crappy wheat processed carbs!!!!!!!

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