Some cool new Drupal modules

Or what I learned at OSCMS part whatever

  • Viewfield: I can’t put it any simpler than the description for the module itself. “Nodes hold content. Views save queries. Wouldn’t be great if a node could hold a saved query? Now it can.”
  • Persistent login: The new persistent login module is much fancier than the original one that was built into previous versions of Drupal. For example, Drupal makers the persistent login session cookie for 3 weeks. If your login cookie is stolen (using a PHP hack?) – there’s not much you can do about it; you can re-login, but that cookie will last for 3 more weeks for whoever stole it (more notes on this here). The new persistent login will track previous logins, and be able to warn your account if someone’s accessed it with a stolen cookie / token. As the guy said, “It’s actually more secure.” It also requires you to enter your password when making special edits (like your account password) – you can even set (via admin) the pages which will require a password (like the Mac’s security system when updating software).

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