OSCMS – Walkah on OpenID

(One of the sessions I attended at OSCMS)

I attended a talk on OpenID, and how to implement it on your site (Drupal or not).  OpenID – and the idea of a single login across many sites – is something I’ve been interested (and harping on) for a while now.  Not as much from the tech point of view, but more from a “oh no, not another social-networking silo” point of view.  (The presentation is not online yet – it won’t make much sense without Walkah’s deadpan delivery, but had good resource links).

The basic idea is that you stake out your online ID – it can be your name, or a nickname, or whatever – by claiming a URL.  Many people have registered their own domains, in which case they’ll need to add functionality to their site (the software is open source and freely available).  Otherwise, you can go to MyOpenID and register, and they’ll give you a domain (in the form of mynickname.myopenid.com).

In either case, the next time you go to a site that uses OpenID (the list is growing all the time), it will then go to that URL and present it’s request, and the software will then determine how much information to give back to that site (i.e. just login and password; email address too?; more info, depending on what is required by the site?). You determine how much information gets shared with each site. Yes, it’s a bit more complicated than that, especially instaling it on your own site – which was some of the featured content of Walkah’s talk.

From my POV, in the longer term, if you can combine OpenID technology with open “publishing” technologies (like RSS feeders) you can actually have use the entire web as your social networking site, as opposed to needing to log into any particular “walled / hedged community” site (compare Tribe to Yahoo 360….  Not that I think the latter has “solved” this issue.)

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