OSCMS – UnConeD on design principles

(One of the sessions I attended at OSCMS)

Steve Wittens – aka UnConeD, one of the grand Drupal sages – gave a long session on “Design Eye for the Developer Guy/Gal” in response to the common complaint that Drupal sites are too often implemented by coder types who don’t put as much time into look-and-feel as they do functionality. His talk covered much more non-tech related ground than I was expecting, including some in-depth looks at typography and color theory (but nothing too in-depth). Once I adjusted to where his talk was going, I found it valuable theory. At times the advice was a little opaque – “When it comes to color combinations, just use commons sense”, but his approach to blurring sites to review logic-flow was eye-opening, and as was his “history of design in 30 minutes or less.”

His slides follow logical sense, but the images without any notes may leave you guessing what you are supposed to learn from the images.

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