OS-CMS 2007 Reportback

I spent Thursday and Friday at the Open Source Content Management Systems Summit (OSCMS is the tag you’ll want to look for) – and while folks from Joomla! where also there, my main (only?) focus was Drupal.

I attended several of the presentations, which I’ve tried to link to below (some of them make no sense without the person talking).  The most eye-opening – or terrifying, I should say – was the opening plenary….  uh, no, it wasn’t that kind of conference…  the open talk given by the creator of PHP, Rasmus Lerdorf.

I’ve linked any talks I attended (or knew something about) separately – 1) for the short attention span folks out there, b) so I get more hits on Technorati for entries tagged oscms.  😉

  • Rasmus Lerdorf gave a talk about PHP security – unfortunately I can’t find any documentation online.
  • Walkah talked about OpenID. 
  • Steve Wittens (UnConeD for those of you who know) talked about Designer Eye for the Developer Guy / Gal.
  • Laura Scott of PingV gave a detailed overview of theming with PHPTemplate – how to do it, how not to do it – with great detailed slides (and code snippets).
  • I’ve also got some notes on new Drupal modules I heard about at the lightening talks (I’m not covering the whole set, just the ones that grabbed my admittedly picky attention).

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