WineCamp Season Again

In case you missed it, a bunch of techies and nonprofit folks got together on a vineyard last year to see what would come up, and called it WineCamp (sorta like a BarCamp – basically an open information/ inspiration-sharing environment).  At the beginning of the camp, a few of the techies (notably David G and Zack Rosen) offered to rebuild a participating nonprofit’s website in Drupal.  The nonprofit was Outpost For Hope, a group that attemtps to find lost children.  Well, as with other barnraising projects (including a weekend-long stint I helped host in San Francisco, also re-building websites in Drupal for nonprofits), the amount done in the first weekend belies a pace and focus that is unsustainable for the life of the project.  I’ve seen some frustrated website recipients who have seen their site go from 0-60% in one weekend don’t see the 61%-100% happen in the next couple of weeks.

Well, it took several months, but a bunch of techies from the WineCamp crew finally finished Outposts’ new site, and they unveiled it a month ago.  While Libba’s story is reposted on the WineCamp wiki page, she also mentioned some things to me that I thought were important to pass along.  Even though the “short version” of this story is “nonprofit goes to Winecamp, gets new website”, the amount of work put in was considerable (even if you just think that almost 10 months went into the making of the site, afte the first WineCamp weekend).  As Libba says:

“The time and commitment required at least for this particular project were incredible and still on going – and I am awed, humbled, thrilled with the result thus far!  I would have never attempted to climb that mountain without some encouragement from other wine campers who said ‘you can do it, we can help’. “

So maybe the lesson here – for potential nonprofits and the techies who love them – is that a barn-raising weekend is only the tip of the iceberg.  Or rather, the first mile in a much longer road.  Thanks to the dedication of WineCamp Calaveras’ crew, they made it to the end of their road.

(There’s talk of another California WineCamp, and dates for a French WineCamp are apparently soon to be confirmed.  There is sporadic conversation on the WineCamp email list to date.)

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