It’s a new year, and a new birthday.  And I’ve got a new laptop.  What other time than to try to re-seed this dying old blog with some new breath.  A lot of of stuff is going on, but a few notes for readers (new and old):

This blog is mainly intended for the a) search and find readers, b) the RSS / automated readers.  This blog will ultimately frustrate people who want to visit this page every day (or a couple of times a week) because I’m just not that consistent.  But I want to post things primarily for people who might be searching for content that I talk about; and also for the automated readers who will see anything new when I post it – but otherwise will not miss the absence.

Also, I tend to lie a lot.  Well, not what you imagine.  I often say “I’ll get back to that later” or “I’ll be talking about X soon.” – and I never do.  Only one thing I can say.  Sorry.  😦

As usual, the topic areas covered here will be my work in general (Web2.0-ish stuff; technology in schools; Drupal) and personal stuff (food and wine, primarily).  You can stick to one set of topics or another by using the tags.

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