Sweet – Flock strikes again

I’ve tried Flock a few times.  It offers great promise – but I’ve run into problems with the implementation before.

I just downloaded it again onto my Mac.  I’m using a different blog software now than I was when I originally had problems with Flock (used to be Blogger, now WordPress), and so far, my first experience has been seemless (see my previous post about all American veggie fry…..)

This really is the future (or “now” – depending on how far in front of the curve you are) of blogging – I’ll post direclty from my browser, and readers will read directly from their feed reader – teh Web?  What’s that?

However, it will all end up on a “blog” somewhere on the Web for others to find using search engines – which is half the point, right?

Blogged with Flock


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