"All American” veggie fry

I say “all American” because I was going for a North American meets South American sauteed vegetable combo.  It didn’t quite work out.  I started with “sweating” some onions in red palm oil – but the oil is so strong and sweet itself, the onions added nothing.  I thinly sliced a large sweet potato, and slowly fried that with homegrown (by my aunt in Tennessee) green chili peppers, and then some kale we had available.  Wrong move, the kale.  Mixing sweet and bitter may work in some recipies (does it, ever?) but certainly not here.  I was going pretty well there until the kale came in – then it became a monster mash-up of flavors.  I’m close to something – sweet potatoes in red palm oil with peppers, that’s something I’ll try again.  But maybe with tomatoes and corn, or okra?  (And if I do that, I’m dicing the sweet potato, not slicing it chips-style, which just doesn’t work when adding other ingredients…..)

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