How-To: Create a Map II

So I failed miserably at my previously stated task – “embedding” the map I created on MapBuilder into a blog post. I can’t do it –  WordPress prevents the submitting of Javascript into posts.  That’s probably a better idea in the end, than allowing me to post my dinky little map yet opening up WordPress to the evils of malicious Javascript.

However, I can use this nifty little button to create a link directly to my map:
MyMaps at

How do you get the button?  In MapBuilder, click on “Map Implementation” to the right on the beige menu bar.  You get a whole list of choices for the kind of code they will generate for you – select the one you want (I picked the  second choice – “Button for your active map.”), then scroll to the bottom and click “Proceed.”  You”ll see the same window, but this time with extra boxes containing the code of the selections you requested.  I copied the entire “href” box from the second choice, and then… wait.  You can’t just paste it into WordPress, because it’s HTML, and the default WordPress interface is WYSIWYG (What You See I What You Get) – this is the same for almost all blog software.  For WordPress, look at the top of your Post window – just above the formatting options like Bold and Italics – there is a tab for “Visual” and “Code”. Click on code, and paste the line of code you copied from MapBuilder.  When click on teh “visual” tab again, your button will show up.  (For other software, the button might read “html” or “source” or even “disable rich text”….)

Why use this button instead a simple link to my map? Well, MapBuilder counts any clicks through to my map using this button – which don’t get counted via a simple link. So if I’m interested in seeing the traffic, I should use the button.

And if I’m interested in embedding a map, I should use a blog over which I have complete control – like my own Drupal or WordPress site (as opposed to teh hosted one I am using right now).

One extra tip:  Setting your map’s default view.  This time, when I went back to my “Stations of the Goat” map (I logged in, then selected my map from the pull down list, above and to the left of the main map), I saw the default large scale map of the US, with one marker way over by San Francisco.  It took me a while to figure out that I can reset the default view.  Using the arrow keys (or the mouse “grip” to drag the map) and the zoom scale, I navigated to where I wanted the map to be – the markers were centered, and how zoomed in I wanted to be.  Then on the upper right of the map, amidst the white buttons is one that says “Save center, zoom, map type” – I clicked on that, and there it is – my map, centered and zoomed into the Mission Distrcit of San Francisco.

I’ve added the rest of the Stations, although in actual life, they’ve almost all be taken down already.


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