Web 2 Point Too

OK, the whole Web2.0 debate – good or bad, whatever. Some things I’d like to point out:

  • I think it’s always interesting that every time a piece of technology (or cultural norm) starts to take decision or curating power out of the hands of the elite, the elite always decry the inevitable crumbling of value and quality that surely will ensue. You know, back in 1996 when everyone could build their own website – they said the same thing. And yet we’ve still got “experts” telling us what terrible disintegration of quality will be coming next. You know, I’ve never bought an encyclopedia in my life. I’ve looked on the web for expert opinions on a wide range of topics for a decade. Wikipedia is not changing our world – it is the change in our world – accelerated and facilitated. I’m not saying that’s specifically good or bad; we’ll find ease of use and inexpensive tools, and we’ll find quality tools. Wikipedia is not going to replace Nexus/Lexus anytime soon…
  • Yes, O’Reilly is hosting the big (corporate) Web2.0 conference – again. And in the spirit of sharing, unconference, and helping each other out, Chris Heuer (of BrainJams fame) is hosting Web2Point2 – again. If you want the populist event – as opposed to wanting to sell your start-up – you might what to check out the 2-Point-Two-ers….
  • For me – like the Web2Point2 tag line – Web2.0 is really about the people. And part of what I mean is – you’re not going to get it, or learn this stuff – on your own. You need someone helping you out. I came from CompuMentor, which started as a project to match techies with nonprofits – people to people. This is the same thing, different technologies, 20 years later. The similar ideology (and probably unconcious name-catchiness) led me to start-up DrupalMentor, where people with expert skills can help those with less. For the exchange of a beer – or even just good karma….
  • For example, I’ve talked so much about Web2.0, open source, Flickr, blogs and Drupal that it’s rubbing off on my wife – whose field is not tech, but sustainable agriculture (hence my food obsession). Not only did she point out the Chronicle article to me, she also spotted the Drupal site among some partner organizations she’s working with. She is also a yoga instructor (at Satori in SF – look her up – Amanda Dates)- so she’s going to trade yoga classes for tech work on her website, another fine example of Web2Point2 (“It’s about the people”). (And since she’s a yoga instructor, I have to point out that while I was there, I was doing yoga – that’s me by Sarah’s armpit, with the goatee).
  • Finally, maybe I’ll see you at Wine2.0….

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