Random quiche thing

I knew I was finally back in my groove on Saturday when I gave up everything I was working on at about 3pm in the afternoon to do a bunch of cooking.  And by the end of the afternoon, I realized I was cooking my nostalgia for summer:  roasted peppers; sauteed chard, sun-dried tomatoes and pine nuts; cherry tomato salad – it was like a Mediterranean mezze in there (the black bean dish an homage to another warm body of water – the Caribbean).  At the end of it all, I had some leftover… stuff.  And as usual, I tried to throw it all together.  And it worked out pretty well.

Greg’s Random Tartino (a word I just made up):  I used leftover sesame “crackers” – that I originally bought as a snack at Whole Foods – and mashed them up to a coarse powder.   I then mixed this with softened (but not melted) butter, and put that at the bottom of a pie / quiche pan.  (This idea came from my step-mother’s graham-cracker-butter crust for her cheesecakes).

For the filling, I used the last two eggs I had, some milk, parmesan cheese, and some leftover chard-pine nut sauté.  Threw it on top of the crust then into the oven until it was done.  It was pretty thin , but given how much cheese I put in there, this really wasn’t going to come out bad.  Nonetheless, I was surprised at how well the truly random crust worked out.  Most of my preparations were for a dinner the next night, but we ate the beans, some tomato salad and the Random Tartino that night – with Terroir Napa Valley‘s “Dusty Red” – a blended wine that really appealed my tastes – not over-oaked or over-alcoholed, but a lot going on.

Simple.  Random.  Good.


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