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I was just reviewing some feedback from my presentation at the Spin Project (based in part on these previous presentations) – and one thing that comes up often is people wanting more feedback on how to use these tools. While it’s difficult to go into details in writing, I’m going to try to focus more on the hows than the whats. “Try” being the operative word.

I’ve often been interested in map tools, and for my test I picked Map Builder (using Google Maps) for my little test (Frappr being the main contender – using Yahoo Maps). I just recently got married, and for the bachelor party, my friends put up little altars all around the San Francisco Mission district in honor of my “past lives” – born in Beirut, growing up in Europe, college in Hawai’i, etc. So I figured I’d map those out, since they’ll be wired to the telephone poles for as long as people allow them to be (which could be a long time in SF).

I went to MapBuilder, and “Signed up” (top left). It returned me to what looked like the front page, except now I had a generic map number “Default #27something”. I immediately clicked on “New map” (though I think you can change the name of your current default map too). I went through a basic new map configuration (name, shared, etc).

Then it returned me to the main map.  OK, now what? Well, I navigated to the site of the first altar. I zoomed and clicked until I got close enough, then kept re-clicking the center until I got the little marker where I wanted it. Then I added a name (on the right hand side), skipping the description, I added tags (sanfrancisco, altars, etc) – then clicked the yellow “Add” button.

Voila – I now had one mark, of one of the altars. I added a couple more (out of 6) and then… Well, again, and then? I checked out Map Info, which is where you can determine to share your map or not. I then went to Map Implementation, which is were I get the code to – for example – post it here (I hope). That’s coming next. (Remember to click the “Proceed” button at the bottom of the “Map Implementation” page to get the code for the options you’ve selected.)

Station One - Lebanon GoatI’m going to play with how I display my map remotely (i.e. from this website), but in the meantime, you can see how far along I’ve gone in adding the altars here. And I’m leaving a little image tidbit so you get a feel for what they look like – this is Station . 🙂


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