Nvu – WYSIWYG html editor

I’m working on a consulting project, where I have to enter (and style) a sizable amount of text into a Drupal site. The styling is not necessarily uniform -it’s predominantly entering tables. So as far as I can tell, this is going to be some labor intensive work.

There was no way I ws going to enter a series of tables into the small html editor on the Drupal site – even though TinyMCE is a great tool, I wanted to do all the work on a local machine, so performance would be better (speaking of performance, WordPress is dragging….)

I looked at Taco first, since it had a higher version, and was a smaller download. Not what I needed – good, simple tool, but you had to edit in html (it has a live preview window, but I want to avoid the html if at all possible).

Instead, I went with Nvu, a cross-platform open-source tool that is over-powered for what I need, but does do the job. I can edit in a WYSIWYG window, plus get the code in an html window. I need to remember not to copy the header tags wholesale, since Drupal generates those itself. But to edit and publish a series of tables, with colored header rows – this is a savior. (Yes, the pages will end up with a bunch of html crunk that’s uneeded, but won’t mangle the page. Well, I guess I need to test it in IE – but really, what’s the point? If it doesn’t work in IE, should that really be my problem? ;-))


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