Kuentz-Bas Gewurtztraminer

At our NY wedding, we lucked out in getting a French-trained Polish chef Emil Nymander to prepare our wedding meal. He was so excited that we wanted him to make something he had been trained to do, as opposed to the standard chicken-and-pasta fare so common at weddings, that he went overboard. He prepared more dishes than we had ordered; he comped us a case of wine for our guests; he closed late while we drank wine on the deck (they drank wine inside).
Kuentz-BasAt the end of the night, he came to us and gave us a bottle of Kuentz-Bas Gewurtz. We had said we didn’t like champagne in one of our planning meetings, and he remembered – and gave us a bottle as a gift, for giving him such a good time cooking.

We drank it that night, a hot, muggy night with both of us exhausted, but oh that bottle went down well.

I found some more at Kermit Lynch. It’s always good to recreate your wedding night, no?


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