The best tools sometimes are people

When I originally wrote the round up of the tools I was using for my transition to my new employment, I figured I would point to things like this blog; Skype; wikispaces; etc. It did not end up being a list of the best apps I’m using, and that’s partly because the main “tool” that has helped me through this transition is my fellow techie – Russ King. When I took on my new Tech Director position at the school, I needed someone who could get things done fast, and according to standards, and with a good attitude. Thankfully, I knew the guy – who was in between gigs, a colleague I used to work with at CompuMentor. If there is any tool I could not do without during this transition, it’s Mr King (if I can call him a tool….).

The other night, I hosted the first Drupal newbie user’s group – DrupalMentor. A few folks showed up in person, but I had specifically asked Courtney from Floatleft to be available online to answer questions. She generously participated from her much-later timezone, and I hope to post a round-up of our first session at the DrupalMentor site soon. (Boy, did we feel like uber-geeks – on a group chat in a wireless café, all laughing at the same time and not talking to each other…). Checkmark next to Courtney’s name for another great “tool” I couldn’t do without.

I’ve known that my best role is not being the person at the leading edge – whether in my tech work or in my theatre work. I’m just not obsessive nor compulsive enough. But I tend to hang around those folks in an effort to glean more – and once I have, I like to share that with other folks, again be it technology or performance. (Although it didn’t start there, this attitude is best reflected these days in the open source movement.)  I like to think I’m a great conduit between these leading-edge folks and the folks in the world who are interested but don’t have the time nor energy to immerse themselves.

So in that sense, I’m a pretty good tool too.


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