How to take a break

I’m in the middle of a big job transition, leaving a place I’ve worked for over a decade, and joining a school as a part-time tech director – right before school starts. So my days have started at 6:30am and I’ve been in front of the computer till 11pm – it used to be I was enterprising if I got up before 9am and stayed at work past 6pm.

So the other day, when I finally handed over my old laptop to my old employer, I came back home in the late afternoon, and rediscovered our garden and my flip-flops. Yes, I was going to sit in front of the computer, but on the swing – with a beer. And that’s when I had a strange craving for a “panache.”

When I was a kid visiting my mom in France, they had this drink called Panache (the word here is missing an accent) – a mix of beer and lemonade, what’s called a shandy here. I thought about it years later in college, and it made me cringe in my “micro-brew” elitism.  But a friend who is staying with us brought home some Orangina, and that afternoon it just seemed like the right thing to do. And as much as it sounds awful to some people (the beer equivalent of a wine cooler?), it was perfect. I had a really refreshing, low-alcohol drink for my afternoon – and I could have had two and not been aversely affected.

Strike one for the childhood memories. Better than the Clamato and beer mix someone was talking about last night….


2 Responses to “How to take a break”

  1. 1 Tim August 30, 2006 at 12:58 am

    Mixing beer with lemonade etc. is quite popular in Germany. Prost!

  2. 2 smokinggoat August 31, 2006 at 10:28 pm

    Well, enjoy the uh, Biermischgetränk while you’re in Germany! And it looks like you’re popping into Bussels (for GovCamp?) – so have a few hundred different abbey beers on me! 🙂

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