Stuffed Pizza – a Chicago experience

So I had another Chicago special today – stuffed pizza. And no, as they'll politely tell you, it's not a calzone. It's more like a chicken pot pie, but with a thin pizza crust, heavy cheesey filling and a red sauce on top. And if that doesn't sound artery-clogging yummy, then you're more of a "lite" eater than I.

Giordano's was the first place that rolled off everyone's lips when I asked for a recommendation, but I failed to find one in the time I had alloted myself for lunch. Luckily I stumbled across the other name people mentioned – Edwardo's – and seeing as how at least the name was Italian (although I'm sure there's an O'Malley's that makes a killer stuffed pizza) the sign said "Award Winning Stuffed Pizza" – I tried it.

Well, it was good as new experiences go, but I'm sure I can find better. The fact that I ordered a spinach pizza and got something with mushrooms and green bell peppers shoulda tipped me off – I found at just as I was finishing my pizza that it was actually the Edwardo's special – with sausage.

But more disapppointing than the fact that the pizza had meat in it; more disappointing than the fact tht the pizza had meat in it and I couldn't tell until the very end, when I dug out the only piece of sausage I could find (hey, I was suspicious from the moment I saw the green bell pepper); most disappointing was the thougth "this is Edwardo's special"?

There's something about smothering food with mozzerella that removes any other real taste choices from your palette. And I did say I was in a hurry, and so the pizza came out way too fast to be prepared fresh – but I did get to my appointment on time. And now that I think about it, the pizza dough had that slight gumminess that comes from microwaving….All in all, interesting new culinary experience. Now I have to find a good example. (And it turns out Giordano's is a huge chain – so maybe next time I'll look for a hole-in-the-wall recommendation).


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