Hackney’s in Chi-Town

So I didn't make it to avec last night – instead, I just wandered down the block to the last place in the area that was open past 10pm – Hackney's. According to someone I talked to today, it's a definitely a Chicago-specific place, so that made me feel good – I wasn't just wandering into yet another pub-just-to-be-cute-pub.

Unfortunately, I wasn't really in a pub-food mood, so apart from their great beer selection, it took me over 15 minutes to figure out which of their salads or burgers I wanted. In the end I settled on a blackened salmon caeser – which was good, and of course, huge. But I had more fun drinking the "black beer with the blond heart" – Kostritzer (a surprisingly light beer for such a dark color – great dinner beer) – and watching the guy at his table who had fallen asleep against the little railing that surrounds the outdoor eating area. In the end, the atmosphere probably counted for more than the food, with very drunk Cubs fans inside giving everyone a piece of their mind. At least I had a real piece of Chicago.


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